Beauty Hacks that are needed by Every Busy Lady

Beauty Hacks that are needed by Every Busy Lady

Finding the right balance between our careers, families, and ourselves is the most difficult job for women these days. Though we rarely have the luxury of dedicating a full hour in the morning or a couple of extra hours over the weekend to our much-needed beauty needs, such as relaxing massages, luxurious masks and scrubs, manis and pedis... we still want to be able to maintain a regular beauty routine because we deserve to look our best when we go out in the world. In this post, I'll show you some amazing time-saving essential beauty hacks that every busy woman should know.

Time crunching mornings

When you're juggling between your morning activities, you don't have time for elaborate beauty routines like those seen in any beauty tutorial on YouTube. And it's understandable that, with so many appealing products available, you'd want to try everything that looks appealing to you. But we have a suggestion for you: postpone that activity until the weekend. We'd like to introduce you to multipurpose all-in-one makeup sticks, which can be found in most beauty stores, for your daily routine. They can be used in place of different products for your lips, eyes, and cheeks, removing the need for you to go through the hassle of using multiple products when the same result can be achieved with just one! Plus, because multipurpose makeup sticks are usually very sheer, you won't even mess up your makeup.

Making a 'Makeup Zone'

If you don't want to waste time in the mornings looking for your mascara or foundation, don't keep all of your makeup in one place. Creating a makeup zone will save you the time and effort of running from bathroom shelves to beauty bags to find the lipstick shade you want to wear that day. Take some time to separate your everyday products and organize them in the order in which you use them. This will significantly reduce the time you spend running around aimlessly looking for your products.

Skin care products that work as multi-taskers

If you are extremely busy, you cannot commit to a 5-step skincare routine. Missing your skincare routine because you can't commit to the multi-step process is unacceptable in this age of multitasking. Instead of being lazy, invest in a multipurpose moisturizer with SPF that also functions as a primer. You can use hydrating sunscreen gels to nourish your skin while protecting it from the sun's harmful UV rays. Because of their sheer consistency, these gels also prepare your skin for flawless makeup application. Most importantly, remember to remove your makeup before going to bed by using an effective facial cleanser followed by a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo, as the quickest solution for oily roots, is a lifesaver for women with hectic schedules, especially since we understand that washing and styling your hair can be difficult when you're short on time. When that happens, all you need is dry shampoo, which will clean your hair in seconds. Spray it at least 8-9 inches away from your hair and evenly distribute it through it with a brush or your fingers. If you sprayed more powder than recommended and see splotches of powder, use a blow dryer while moving your fingers through your hair for an even application.

Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Procedures

Lash Extensions and Microblading, two of the many semi-permanent beauty techniques available, are effective time savers in your beauty routine. If a little extra work can provide relief from everyday stress, then it appears to be a good deal (you could consider half of your work already done if you have your eyebrows and eyelashes on point). And, wouldn't it be fantastic if you didn't need mascara at all and instead used lash extensions to give your eyes a more natural and enhanced appearance? If your natural lashes are already long enough, you could do lash lifting on them instead.

Heatless Curls

You can easily achieve beautiful beach waves in the morning without the time-consuming act of using a curling iron. Simply wash your hair the night before and braid it while it's still wet before going to bed. Depending on how loose or tight you want your curls, make 4-6 braids. In the morning, unbraid your hair and let those amazing waves fall free. Finally, use hairspray to hold the curls in place.

We hope you enjoyed reading these time-saving beauty hacks that every busy woman should know. What are your go-to beauty tips? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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