Natural Beauty Oils which are proved better than Body Lotions

Natural Beauty Oils which are proved better than Body Lotions

Coconut oil is a crowd favourite because it has so many wonderful benefits and works for almost everyone. However, going mainstream can lead to overlooking the benefits of other natural beauty oils that can make flawless skin appear effortless. As we all know, variety adds flavour to life, and while coconut oil remains indispensable, we'd like to introduce you to five other natural beauty oils that deserve our love and attention.

These natural oils have been around for a long time, but their ability as skin moisturisers is only now being investigated. With skin protection and hydrating properties, it's time to stock your beauty cabinet with these beauty essentials and pamper your skin!

Avocado Oil Is a Beauty Superhero

Avocados are recommended by beauty experts for their health and beauty benefits. For as long as we can remember, people have been using homemade avocado face masks.

This tropical fruit's oil is high in Vitamin E, which nourishes the skin and soothes sunburns and calluses. Furthermore, it provides your skin with a healthy dose of Vitamin A, restoring your natural glow and revealing a younger-looking you.

Carrot Seed Oil, an all-natural anti-aging skin care product.

Cold-pressed carrot seed oil, not to be confused with essential oil, is a potent antioxidant that slows the ageing process by combating free radicals that damage cells and cause oxidative stress in the skin.

Because essential oils are dangerous to apply to the skin without the addition of carrier oil, we recommend using cold-pressed carrot seed oil to reap all of its benefits. This oil, an easily absorbed source of vitamin A, acts as an excellent skin rejuvenator when applied directly to the skin, giving it a refreshed and hydrated appearance.

Jojoba Oil is the best friend of dry skin.

Jojoba oil, derived from the seeds of the desert jojoba plant, is prized for its hydrating properties. This oil, a natural emollient that works similarly to sebum, which is naturally produced by our skin, has become a common ingredient in many beauty products.

If your skin loses moisture quickly, even after liberal applications of body lotion, we recommend using jojoba oil, which is one of the most popular oils for dry skin. However, those of you who already have good skin that produces enough sebum on its own should be aware that jojoba oil can cause excessive shine.

Liquid Gold Olive Oil

Olive oil, which has replaced traditional cooking oils in the kitchen, has more benefits for skin and hair than one that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

This Mediterranean oil moisturises and protects skin cells from environmental toxins. Furthermore, gently massaging it into the skin helps repair deep tissue damage and removes blemishes and scars. If you have oily skin, apply olive oil after a shower while the skin is still damp to allow it to fully absorb without leaving a shiny residue.

The Skin Doctor Sweet Almond Oil

You've probably heard about the numerous health benefits of almond oil, but sweet almond oil takes it to the next level. This cold-pressed oil is lightweight and has anti-inflammatory and emollient properties, making it easy for your skin to absorb the benefits. It softens and hydrates your skin while protecting it from oxidative stress and promoting a natural glow.

Furthermore, because it easily penetrates the skin and clears all dirt and makeup lodged deep within, sweet almond oil works as an all-natural makeup remover. This natural moisturiser also aids in the easy removal of dead skin cells and the repair of damaged skin.

Finally, we have used natural oils to beautify our skin and hair for aeons. The introduction of creams and lotions subtly pushed these oils to the back burner. However, we are rediscovering the value of these oils, and more people are choosing oils over body lotions as natural and soothing moisturisers.

For noticeably beautiful skin, use these 5 natural beauty oils. If you know of any other oils that we should all have in our beauty cabinets, please share them in the comments section below.

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